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Theological Position
This Church accepts all the decisions of the first two ecumenical councils namely, council of Nicea in 325 AD and the council of Constantinople in 381 AD. As for the third ecumenical council that was held in 431 AD at Ephesus the Church of the East opposed it because it was stage-managed by Cyril of Alexandria, arch rival of Nestorius of Constantinople. Even now Patriarch Schenuda of the Coptic Orthodox Church, successor of Cyril of Alexandria, is opposing any ecumenical contact with the Church of the East.

                 On other theological issues there is no serious difference with other eastern or ancient churches.   The Catholicos Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV and Pope John Paul II signed a Common Christological Declaration on 11 November 1994 in Vatican.

( 24 in Kerala and in 6 other states)
( Coimbatore, Madras, Bangalore, Bombay , Delhi and UAE)
Priests 54
Deacons 21
Deaconesses 3
Nuns 3
Total members 30,000
Seminary 1
Parallel College for girls 2
Higher Secondary School 1
High School 2
Lower Primary 3
Orphanage 1
Old People’s Home 1
There is Mar Thoma ashram (hostel for boys) in Mulayam and a hospital with a Home for the Aged ( Mar Timotheus Charitable Hospital, Kunnathumkara, Thrissur) under the charitable society registration with the Metropolitan as the head. The memberships in the administration are restricted to the members of the Church. There is also a higher secondary school ( Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School in Madras-600111), run by a charitable registered society with the Metropolitan as the head.

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